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Looking for a grain free, paleo bircher muesli? Blend13 (formally known as Neoblend) is the perfect balance of fruits, seeds and nuts. A fruitier, nuttier, 100% Paleo friendly version of the original breakfast booster ‘ Blend11 ′, with similar nutritional values.

Suitable for people following a paleo diet, it has no preservatives, vegetable oil or added sugar on any of the dried fruit, no cheap fillers, just top quality ingredients. Blend13 is a functional food booster that can be added to smoothies, yoghurts, shakes, muesli or cereal.

Nutrition Information

Servings per package: 26
Serving size: 50g

Per 50g ServePer 100g
Fat, Total20.8g41.5g
– saturated6.6g13.3g
– sugars6.3g12.6g
Dietary Fibre7.98g15.97g

Contains Sesame, Almond, Brazil and Macadamia nuts. May contain traces of other tree nuts.


Coconut*, Almonds, Chia seeds*, Linseeds*, Black Sesame seeds*, Pepitas*, Banana, Hempseed*, Brazil Nuts*, Apricot*, Macadamia nuts, Mango*, Goji Berries*

*certified organic ingredient

How to use

Blend13 must be activated or soaked overnight to ensure ease of digestion & maximum nutrient absorption.

Seeds are easier to digest, gentler on the digestive tract and offer greater health benefits when soaked or activated overnight prior to eating.
  • Ratio for soaking is 1/2 cup of water : 1 cup of Blend11 (2 parts mix & 1 part water).
  • Dry mix will absorb the water.
  • This wet mix will keep for 3 days in the fridge.

For the strict Paleo, Blend13 goes beautifully with coconut yoghurt, or can be added into Paleo-friendly smoothies / shakes etc. No need to add fruit, it’s all there, which makes the blend almost tasty enough to eat just activated, with nothing else added!

For the regular user, Blend13 can be used in balls, Bircher, bars, and as breakfast topper, remembering that there’s already some fruit in it, so not to go overboard with added sweetness.


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