Formulite Lupin Soups – Lupin Soup Bags and Packs

Why choose Formulite Lupin Soup

Formulite has also included 23 essential vitamins & minerals blended with lupin flakes to provide a soup that is very high in protein, probiotics, fibre and antioxidants, low in carbs and fats and is gluten and dairy free.

Lupin is also renowned for increasing satiety (a feeling of fullness thereby reducing cravings); helping to lower your food intake through the day.

Available in 3 delicious flavours – Vegetable, Beef & Chicken and packed with the many dietary benefits of lupin.

Low Carb Lupin Vegetable Soup
Lupin Soup Vegetable
Low Carb Lupin Chicken Soup
Lupin Soup Chicken
Low Carb Lupin Beef Soup
Lupin Soup Beef

Why do we stock Formulite Lupin Soup

Did we mentions it is high in protein, has low carbs and fats and is gluten-free?  We were amazed to find this little gem! This has become our “cup-a-soup” replacement alternative.

Low Carb Lupin Soup Trial Pack Bag Mix
Try the delicious lupin soup flavours; vegetable, beef or chicken, by selecting a trial pack. You choose which bags you want.