The goodMix story began with Jeanie McClymont being unimpressed by the supermarket stuff, so she used to spend a LOT of time making healthy versions of ‘normal food’ for her growing family.

So much of what was on supermarket shelves just doesn’t tick the boxes that need to be ticked for feeding healthy families. Jeanie began making her blends that would have maximum digestability & bioavailability of nutrients; she wanted real, natural, living food, with loads of vitality.

Settling on a mix of organic seeds, with some coconut, cacao, almonds, Goji berries & a few ancient grains for interesting taste & texture. Jeanie found that this mix could be soaked overnight to activate the dormant seeds.

It was so good, better tasting than the other seed blends she tried. She started selling it to everyone from bulk bins and telling customers how to soak it for better digestibility. It became really popular, really quickly. People were feeling great (regular bowels, cholesterol dropping, better skin, better energy).

Paleo vegan gluten-free low fodmap keto low carb

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