About Good Diet

High Protein

High Nutrition

Low Carb

Naturally Sweetened

Gluten Free

Keto Friendly

Good Diet is all about good health and nutrition made easy and convenient. How? By introducing alternative products which are better for you (still yummy!) that still fit around your lifestyle! 

A low carbohydrate, high protein diet has proven to be beneficial over time, but as life gets busy, high sugar and high carbohydrate foods with little nutritional value seem to easily find their way into our bodies. But small changes can make a big difference!

Being a health conscious and active family, we searched for healthier options that weren’t available at local stores; most ‘healthy’ labelled products were too high in sugars, carbs, or used atificial ingredients. This is how Good Diet came about.  All the products featured in our store are nutritionally evaluated, taste tested (lucky we have plenty of volunteers for this role), and have become the product of choice for our family.  If it’s not good enough for us, it won’t be good enough for you!  We make sure that the food we source is high in protein, low carb, and contain no artificial sweeteners. 


All products listed are also 100% gluten free; this is important to us as one of our children lives with coeliac (celiac) disease.  So no traces of gluten anywhere.

Sugar Free … Naturally Sweetened

We do have a bit of a sweet tooth, so we also strive to find sugar free, naturally sweetened alternatives (and no artificial sweeteners). You will find that most ‘sweet’ options we have are in fact Keto friendly! Saying this, we have nothing against healthy carbohydrates! Add them in by all means, just aim for the good ones!

Healthy Options

Our pantry and fridge are usually within easiest reach, so we made sure ours are filled with high nutritious and healthy options. We cannot live without our:

  • Formulate Meal Replacement Shakes on a busy morning! (Low carb, high protein and naturally sweetened. They are actually also designed to be used for VLED diets as meal replacements on a rapid weight loss plan, and are therefore medically formulated for this purpose)
  • Formulite Lupin Soups! (Have you heard of Lupin? We were amazed to find this little gem! This has become our “cup-a-soup” replacement alternative)
  • Bone Broths and Bone Broth Mayo Sauces (All the collagen and gut health benefits!!)
  • Immune and Health Boosting Vegetable, Chicken and Beef broths (Great for sipping on any time of the day!)
  • Loka crackers, biscotti and chips (Yes, all high protein, low carb, nutritionally sweetened and keto friendly. The perfect addition to your entertaining platter! Did I mention lupin is a gem?)
  • Collagen supplements (an essential supplement to support our active lifestyles and maintain youth inside and out!)
  • Goodmix muesli bircher style breakfast blends (These are wholefood blends, including Paleo and Digestive (low-FODMAP) blends straight from a naturopath’s kitchen. We love ours with a scoop of natural Greek yoghurt for breakfast! They are also “best poos ever… guaranteed!”)

We are always looking to add to our range, so make sure to follow us on facebook for any new additions. We strive to source only the best local and Australian made products.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are both essential for good health!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information (including text, images, graphics and all other materials) provided on this website is for information purposes only. You should seek assistance from a health care professional when interpreting these materials and applying them to your individual circumstances. If you have any concerns about your health you should consult your general practitioner.